April 25, 2016


An Eye-Opening Lesson for Middle & High School Students

This ELA CCSS aligned 2-3 day lesson is designed to increase self and group awareness and to enhance students' understanding of one another - and ultimately to improve class and group discussions. This packet consists of 10 activities/assessments. TED Talks episode "The Power of Introverts" with Susan Cain, is an eye-opening video which will guide your students toward realizing their own and others learning styles. This will lead them to develop an action plan toward more balanced discussions. As a by-product, these lessons and activities also increases awareness of those who tend to dominate discussions and seek attention during class time. Finally, it brings a call to action for your students to develop an action plan to balance class discussion time, and that honors everyone's learning style. 

Schema Questionnaire (Anticipatory)
Introvert vs. Extrovert Self-Test (Internet and hard copy provided) Continuum Graphic 
Vocabulary for TED Talks video
Short Reading Piece with Facts About Introversion and Extroversion
Study Guide for Video (thoughts and Q & A for during and after video)
Passage-Based Personal Essay Prompt, Rubric, and Two Pages of Quotes to Serve as the Passage
Contemplation and Conversation Cards
Quotes by Susan Cain Poster
Post Test A and B Versions
Detailed Ideas and Notes for Teaching Throughout

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